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By simply clicking on these links you can read some of Keith G. Laufenberg's published short stories.
  Published Internet Stories
Another previously published short story, "Peace On Earth" shows us the horrors of war but also the humanity of the soldiers who wage it for the powers that be.
Everybody has met, or known, the Duke.
Doughnuts for Danny follows a hard-working cab driver through the backstreets of Ft. Lauderdale one night and shows what's really important in this life and matters the most to a working man.
One of Keith G.'s previously-published short stories, "About Writing" tells the story of what a writing teacher struggles with in his personal writing, as well as that of his students.
Another of Keith's published short stories, "Big Sugar" shows the harsh realities of street life in New York City but also that a Savior comes in the most unexpected of forms.
"Downsized" means exactly what it says and it is happening all too frequently in America, as one human being shows himself to be wearing a disguise, as he viciously steals jobs from a once-thriving community and you wonder how he can do it and sleep at night.
Another previously published story of Keith G.'s, this story shows that a lifetime hopes, dreams and planning can be shattered by one moment of fate and how a workaholic can put too much faith in his job.
Sonny Liston's Eyes has been published in The Spillway Review and Author Trek and deals with the author's personal conversations and observations of Sonny Liston in Bill Miller's Gym, in Las Vegas, in 1966.
In "The Kiss of Life," we are shown the struggles a father has to go through with his own son, and his heart, multiplied all the more when the father is a preacher and the affect it ultimately has on his son.
Another previously published story, the ravages of the economy are this story
Do you remember 9/11/2001? Remember Rudy?
He was the greatest athlete of all time but, in the end, it cost him too much, way too much.
This story is a direct result of Capitalism in America.
Published in five different magazines "The Human Beings" shows what can happen in the future and why most species in the animal kingdom don't trust the human beings
A poem about life
Black Jesus is a story of two historical figures and both of their untimely assassinations and how similar they actually were, unlike the general opinion of the world.
See what it's like when you have only seconds to save your life
See what happens when you fool with Mother Nature
  Boxing Video
You-Tube video of Keith G. working out in 2007
Working Out in 2007