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5/22/2017 This is Capitalism, which does not work, has not worked and continues to fail companies as they get larger and larger. The reason is not because they are getting larger because they are capitalists: in other words the (their company) capitalizes on it's position of (supposed ongoing "strength") as it gets larger. This company has made its "mark" in the business world because it has paid it's worker's whatever they could "get him" (to work) for. And, instead of training him to move up in the company they hire more and more like him, hiring & firing as the climate (economy) allows them. They are (almost always) non-union and instead of paying a (livable) decent wage, they have only their (usually family members) own foremen & superintendents, instead of training those roofers as the work grows, to move up. They refuse to do any form of profit-sharing with their employees and remain steadfast supporters of Capitalism, whereby the bigger your company's assets are the more work you will get because you can "outbid" all the smaller companies because you know how to get "awarded" the contracts. Any company willing to "train" it's employees will not fail because of too much work but the companies (in America: home of the brave, land of the free (capitalist) refuse to do this. Why should, especially now, that the man who sits in the Oval Office made his billions off his companies capitalistic ventures, paying many undocumented workers nothing, knowing his 'Lawyers" would win if they tried to sue him. Roofing companies are notorious for this because they hire anybody (roofing is basically monkey see, monkey do), however it is also a skill that if you don't do it right it can get you (or other workers) killed. I, personally, was a carpenter for 20 years and fell off a roof onto a concrete slab on a "government job" 31 years ago and never forgot two roofers , who I spoke with about when, (on the very roof I feel through) they told me they were making the same wage as I was even though they had never worked on a roof before. I fell because they failed to properly nail the trusses to the roof and when I crashed to the floor the truss feel with me. Capitalist business think only of money ... period ... and until they change their practices this will continue ad infinitum.