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1/18/2018 Personally, I have given up on Donald J. Trump as a president, much less as a man? He's a liar, a cheat, a thief, a racist and, as far as I'm concerned, a man with no character whatsoever and absolutely no guts. You want to judge a country? See how it treats its poor. The poor man is ashamed, he feels he is out of sight of others, groping in the dark. No one takes any notice of him, as he wanders unheeded in the midst of a crowd, at church, in the local stores and markets, he is not seen, not even disapproved of, or censured or reproached: he is only not seen. To be wholly overlooked and to realize it is unfathomable for most men unbearable for the remainder. But, poverty is not only a personal failure; it is a failure of a political as well as an economic system that cannot be fixed by charity. It can be fixed only by political and economic action. Poverty is a reflection not as much on the poor themselves, but those who are not poor. Donald J. Trump is the face of Capitalism today: a failed system, his face being that of capitalism's “great success,” and it is an ugly, uncaring, totally unsympathetic face, filled with lies, with lust and with an I.Q on par with a baloney sandwich. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, it is that some human beings cease to love; many cease to even have the ability to love, such as this man. To me, Donald Trump is like a catfish wiggling and struggling on the hook of a fisherman, who eyeballs it but only for a second, before throwing it in the pile of ever-burgeoning dead fish: all the while thinking it is too ugly to remain alive but, being a bottom-feeder, the catfish slips and slides until it slithers off the deck and back into the ocean, immediately heading for the bottom, where it feels safe and secure underneath a rock, where it will live as it always has, off the curiousity, accessibility and desire to be like the catfish himself, of the other, smaller fish who it gobbles up when they come to close and then, totally forgets about them, only looking for more fish to gobble up. Donald Trump is a bottom feeder whose term will end tragically, even worse than Nixon's, worse than any other politician's in history, and although I cannot predict the future, only God can, I, nevertheless, tell you it will end ugly … very ugly, with the bottom feeder twisting and turning at the end of the hook, screaming that he is a great (god-like) leader and not the devil.