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Hurricane Irma is hitting Florida and Governor, Rick Scott, has decided that the entire State of Florida needs to evacuate, post haste. He has, of course, made this decision with enough information to determine only one thing: that a hurricane named Irma, will, eventually, hit the State of Florida. Where exactly is not known but it's almost certain that Key West and Miami Beach will be hit and so he has made those spots mandatory evacuation points. Being a capitalist, Scott has allowed all the stores to sell-out of water, generators, food and drinks, allowed the gas stations to sell out and then, most naturally, as the capitalists like to proudly proclaim, the market forces will thereby shift to the point of a gallon of water going from .99 cents to $5.99, gasoline to rise 50 cents a gallon, generators to be marked up an extra 50% and emergency hospital services to escalate 1000%, which, will happen anyway being as the U.S.A now has Donald Duck as its president and, as most people are aware, Donald Duck, like all ducks, goes quack-quack-quack and nobody understands what he is saying except himself and those quackers who have been given the code to his quacks. I have, actually, broken this code. I have to give my son Danny, some of the credit for helping me break the code, he works for the NSA, and duck quacking is an extremely difficult code to break but we did it: it is the same thing he always says: quote: “Money, money, now is the time for all hustlers and thieves, like me, to make more money so that we can look down upon the poor, separate their wallets from their pockets, kick all aliens out of the country, go back in time to segregation of all people who don't have pale white skin and a hair-do that allows them to comb their hair over their ears, better not to hear their complaints, and we will than: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”