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The Rooster Who Wouldn't Shut Up There was this rooster, see, and he was taught to crow very loudly and regularly at the right time every morning. He was so good everyone always talked about how prompt he was, how loud he was and how efficient he was. Then it happened; they had to get rid of the rooster, they banished him to Siberia. See, he got too good at crowing. He just wouldn't shut up. He knew he had their attention and once he did he gave it his all. It was good, once, in the morning but every hour was just too much and, then, at the very end, he was doing it so much the doctors were the ones to finally condemn him: he was nuts, they said. He just could not shut up: his attention span was down to zero; his mouth ran his entire life: he would preen and groom himself and then blast away with his cock-a-doodle-do's, and the chickens, who he had always taken advantage of, and impressed in his younger days, reported him to the bosses constantly, even though, at the end, he became so senile he could barely crow, he still would not stop, not for an instant. Sad, very sad, he just couldn't shut-up! Oh, BTW, we named him accurately, everybody also agreed on that: Donald J. Trump.