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6/13/2017 I'm old-fashioned; goes with old, and read the newspaper everyday. Today, just another day here in paradise, Spring Hill (Florida) with the usual news, locally: in Hudson a man shopping in the Dollar General Store shot himself in the ankle when his .25 caliber handgun slipped off his right hip, landed on the floor and fired a round into his right ankle. Those of you who are thinking that it was the trigger that was to blame would be correct: the man's name was Jason Trigger. In Tampa, four roomates, all young white men, in their teens & early 20's, were avowed neo-Nazi's, in the Atomwaffen Group, and had numerous bombmaking materials in their apartment. Luckily, (I use that word loosely) for us one of the 4 neo-Nazi's, Devon Arthurs, decided to become a Muslim but, when his neo-Nazi compatriots (very loosely) made “fun” of him, he did what any good Muslim radical would do he killed two of them, the only ones “available” in the apartment. The missing neo-Nazi showed up but when questioned quickly disappeared. In World news Bill Cosby is “playing” (used extremely loosely) an old man with a cane, whose wife stood by his side (they have the same haircuts) in a courtroom where Cosby never took the witness stand in his defense, claiming he and the plaintiff had a “sexual relationship” plain & simple, even though over 5 dozen other women have accused him of drugging them, which he admits too, and then molesting them he determinedly says it was always “consensual” and his wife stands by his side. Of course, not to be outdone in any 1-day news cycle, the Donald Trump Comedy Hour hinted that Trump, the POTUS, after all, would fire Robert Mueller, an ex-FBI Director from the position of special counsel investigating the collusion with Russia's presidential election tampering; this not even a month after he was appointed but, then, Trump loves to fire people, second only to his love of looking into mirrors and paying for portraits of himself with government money, hiring illegal immigrants for his building projects and not paying them and having his “hair” (I use that word very loosely, use your imagination) blown, combed, styled and pasted onto his skull. But seriously, now, remember Saddam Hussein while awaiting execution demanded, and got, hair-dye to keep his hair dark black and combed, up until the very day he was hanged. And one last observation, Kim Jung Un, the insane leader of North Korea, when speaking to large crowds, always comes on clapping his hands when introduced. Now who else do we know who always comes on, when speaking to large crowds, clapping his hands. Scary, very scary.